Crude Oil Transport

                                                                                                              We service Oklahoma & Texas

                                                                                                               Others say they are the best

                                                                                                                              We prove it

                                                                                                      As a motor carrier some of our customers      



                                               Andrews Trucking                 Marquis Energy /LogiMarq Transloading LLC                  BioUrja Trading LLC



                                                                         Others that we have worked a long side with as independent owner  operator's



                                              Sunoco logistics                                            High Sierra  Energy                                                         Plains Marketing


                                Fully Armored LLC is a strong  seasoned competitor to the oil field. We have worked from the ground up to know the all aspects

                          of what it takes to  get it done. Experience in Frac, rig hands , mechanic,  building trailers, to driving our big w900l's. We can change a

                         tire and send a fax.  Weather transporting crude oil from lease sites to rail stations, pipelines or refineries. With our mobile office we

                         can keep up to date load tracking, and proof of delivery; daily load reconcilations and detailed load/run tickets.